Juniper Lab's Statement on Racism

Throughout the recent months, we’ve heard the word “unprecedented” used to describe...

Throughout the recent months, we’ve heard the word “unprecedented” used to describe the moment in which we are living. The number of jobs lost has been “unprecedented.” The closure of countries has been “unprecedented.” The number of people infected with coronavirus has been “unprecedented.”

But as horrific and unnecessary as the murder of George Floyd was, it’s sadly not “unprecedented.” Mr. Floyd is just the most recent casualty in a long line of people of color that have suffered because of the problem of racism in our country.

Racism is not a result of the actions of bad actors. Rather it is systemic, suffusive, and severe. For the past 400 years, systems have been put in place to perpetuate inequality. We believe the systems must change for true justice and liberty to exist.

We condemn racism, bigotry & hate. They have no place at Juniper Labs. We stand with the Black community and want to work together for change that desperately needs to come.

We also know that words without action are not meaningful. #whitesilenceiswhiteviolence is trending hashtag on Twitter. And as two white founders that want to enact change, we know our silence is damaging.

Here are a few things we (Juniper Labs founders) are actively doing to promote change:

  • We will learn, adopt and promote policies that help to end racist institutions and procedures
  • We seek to build a diverse company by creating hiring practices that do not disenfranchise people of color
  • We have enlisted advisors to our company that are people of color and are working to increase the number of non-white/non-male voices at Juniper Labs
  • We promote transparency and fairness with insurance rating/pricing

As we said above, as long as racist systems and establishments exist, racism will continue. We believe Juniper Labs has a part to play in ending racism and we will continue to work towards this end.

Written by Lance Poole
Published in News & Announcements on April 27th, 2020

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