Optimize for small business

Juniper Labs helps carriers, insurtech and brokers make the SMB segment more profitable

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Built on open data

Juniper leverages open data and machine learning to build data products and automated underwriting technology.

Intelligence for SMB

Our APIs help answer questions that underwriters, agents and brokers want to know about small business

Who are you?

Using public and private data we can enrich a business name and location with 100+ fields of information.

What do you do?

Natural language processing (NLP) based classification API. Returns class codes based on industry standards like ISO, NAICS, NCCI, etc.

How much of it do you do?

We calculate the basis of premium given a risk class code and information about the business.

Has anything changed?

We refresh information found on the web and other data sources to flag potential changes in operations or exposure.

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Data and efficiency in the small business segment can be hard to come by. Let us help you.
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